Appraisals and Certificates


Most frequently written for insurance purposes, an appraisal assesses the replacement value of your instrument or bow within the current retail market. It includes a detailed physical description, measurements, and any other pertinent information. The fee is $125.00 for this service. If you would like to have an instrument or bow appraised, we request that you schedule an appointment in advance. There is a fee of $62.50 for updating appraisals already on file. To update your appraisal or schedule an appointment, please email Sales Associate Anna Shelley or call us at 505.889.2999 or 1.800.284.6546.

Certificates of Authenticity

It has never been so important to have formal documentation that your fine instrument or bow is genuine. Since the late 1960's Don Robertson has had the privilege to buy, sell, restore, evaluate, and be custodian of innumerable fine instruments and bows. Internationally respected, his certificate of authenticity is a formal document that states the origin of your instrument or bow. This document is issued with photographs and a detailed physical description including measurements. It is signed by company President and Founder Donald F. Robertson and is assigned an individual registration number. Our fee is 4% of the instrument's fair market value.

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