Pedersen, Christian - Albuquerque 2015 (Deluxe Orchestral Model)



Christian Pedersen – Albuquerque, NM 2015 (Deluxe Orchestral Model)

Having worked in violin shops since he was only ten years old, Christian Pedersen has vast experience in every facet of violin making and restoration. Christian majored in violin performance at West Texas State University and at the University of North Texas while apprenticing in the shop of luthier Steven Cundall in Aubrey, TX. He eventually became a shop owner himself and later became the head of instrument production at Brook Mays Music, the largest chain of music instrument stores in Texas. For the past 17 years, Christian has made his home at Robertson & Sons, where, through his unique finishing process, he has focused on producing exceptional violins, violas, cellos, and basses at reasonable prices. Christian’s work and guidance has had tremendous influence on award-winning makers, including Daniel Hachez, Nick Lloyd, and Trevor Davis. His awards include a Certificate of Merit for Tone from the Violin Society of America in 2011. PHOTO: this robust model was designed with sound production and orchestral playing in mind.  It has a powerful, open, spread sound swith good focus and nice cushion to the response.  As it is a workbench instrument it is competative with basses that are far more expensive.   They are a truly a great value!  

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